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Miniature Sheets with Materials Affixed

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Miniature Sheets with Materials Affixed

This subcategory is started to address miniature sheets issued by some countries with materials affixed on the sheet and not on the stamps

Belgium 2015 - the Grand-Place of Mons featuring the annual folk festival of the " Doudou"

Issue date 01 June 2015

Bpost has issued a special miniature sheet commemorating the City of Mons which has been designated as European Capital of Culture for the year 2015.

The miniature sheet with 5 stamps features the main buildings in the Grand Place in Mons -  a. Hotel of the White Greyhound b . City Hall c . Chapel of St. George . Hotel Imperial Crown e . Theatre Royal

The Ducasse de Mons or Doudou is a popular festival that happens every year on Trinity Sunday (57 days after Easter) in the town of Mons in Belgium. 

During Sunday's Trinity, the first Sunday after Pentecost, the Grand Place is transformed into a large battlefield for Lumeçon. This is the fight between Saint George, which represents the good, and the dragon, symbolizing evil. 

The combat happens on the central square of Mons. The length of the dragon is about 10 metres long. The end of his tail is covered with horses' hairs.  The dragon gives also attacks the public with his tail.  People try to take the mane of the tail because it is said to bring luck for a year.

It is for this reason that a horse horsehair is offered during the show . This authentic hair is fixed on the miniature sheet and can be easily removed . It measures about 25 cm, the ideal size to carry it around the wrist to bring a year of good luck.

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