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Stamps with Hidden image - Update

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I will shortly taking a break from posting on this blog for 6 weeks as I embark on a vacation to India. Time permitting I will continue to blog out of India depending on my access to the internet and access to other scanning facilities..Most probably I will be blogging about old issues (that is rearranging the old categories of my earlier blogs) ...

Hong Kong 2009 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition with Tangram Design

Issue date 14 May 2009

To mark the opening of "HONG KONG 2009 - 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition" (HONG KONG 2009), A stamp sheetlet was issued on 14 May 2009 which uses the tangram to demonstrate different actions, such as diving, playing football and practising martial arts.

At the same time, visitors can also see the entries from the 10th Inter-School Stamp Exhibits Competition. Hongkong Post has been organising this Competition since 2000. Co-organised by the Education Bureau, this inspirational and educational local competition aims to nurture an interest in philately among students, which closely complements the "Youth Philately" theme of HONG KONG 2009.

The design is developed from the logo of HONG KONG 2009 which takes the tangram, a puzzle game comprising seven pieces, as its subject. The logo depicts a boy and a girl walking briskly across a stylised postage stamp background. 

Due to a special printing effect, the $50 stamp can be turned into an interactive game. Place the enclosed screener on the stamp and move it slightly. A hidden pattern and words will come out. 


The hidden image - "Unlimited Horizons" appears on the right side of the Tangram image. Other Tangram pieces also appears on the left side but unable capture the images

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