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Stamps with Hidden image - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with Hidden image

USA 2001 U.S. Capitol Dome Priority Mail and Washington Monument Express Mail Stamps with hidden image

Issue date 29 January 2001

US Post in its Priority and Express Mail issues for 2001 has issued stamps featuring Washington, D.C., landmarks (previous issues were of the US Space programs).

The self-adhesive Priority Mail stamp shows the Capitol Dome gleaming against a dark sky. Looking at the stamp through a special U.S.P.S. decoder will reveal scrambled identifying marks saying, "Priority Mail."

The self-adhesive Express Mail stamp features Patricia Fisher’s photograph of the Washington Monument over the Reflecting Pool. Special marks that say, “Express Mail,” can be read on the stamp with the aid of a special U.S.P.S. decoder.

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