Thursday 22 September 2016

3D - Holographic Stamps - Update

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Canada 2016 Haunted Canada 3 with 3D Hologram Image

Issue date 08 September 2016

Canada Post has issued the third edition in the Haunted Canada series in time for Halloween with a miniature sheet of 5 domestic permanent stamps printed with holographic foil finishing.

From left to right, the top row of stamps depict the Newfoundland and Labrador’s Bell Island Hag among the foggy marshes, New Brunswick’s Dungarvon Whooper,Toronto’s historic Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre's female apparition. Below, the left-hand stamp shows Quebec’s Lady in White of Montmorency Falls, and Phantom Bell Ringers of the Kirk of St. James in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Bell Island Hag -  The island, off the coast of the Avalon Peninsula, is home to a female spirit who haunts a local marsh, where it’s said she died. This shape-shifting succubus first appears as a beautiful woman wearing a white cloak, then transforms into an ugly, deformed creature who carries the overpowering stench of death. Her scent is so strong, it leaves her victims powerless and paralyzed.

Dungarvon Whooper - According to legend, the cook at a logging camp near the Dungarvon River kept all his earnings in a money belt. When the logging crew returned to camp one day, they found the cook dead and his money missing. The camp boss told the men the cook had died of a sudden illness. As a snowstorm raged that night, the lumberjacks buried the cook’s body in a shallow grave near Dungarvon Springs. Back at camp, the men were shocked to hear hideous screaming and whooping coming from the grave. To this day, the ghostly wails of the slain cook can still be heard in the Miramichi woods.

Winter Garden Theatre Centre's female apparition - Over the years, staff and patrons have witnessed all manner of apparitions inside the historic theatres, including a woman wearing the Edwardian clothing that was fashionable when the centre opened in 1913.

Lady in White of Montmorency Falls - Legend has it that the Lady in White is an 18th century woman from Île d'Orléans whose husband-to-be was killed in a battle with British troops. Upon learning the shocking news, she donned her wedding gown and jumped to her death from atop Montmorency Falls.

Phantom Bell Ringers of the Kirk of St. James in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - In the early morning hours of October 7, 1853, a bell began ringing over Charlottetown. Presuming he was hearing a ship’s bell, a local sea captain walked down to the harbour, where the steamer Fairy Queen was anchored. Once there, however, he realized the sound was coming from town, specifically the Kirk of St. James. Seeing as it was too early for services, he set off in the direction of the church to investigate. As he arrived, the bell still ringing out above, he saw three women disappear through the door of the belfry while another looked down from the tower. The church sexton had also heard the noise, and rushed to get the church keys. The two men unlocked the door and climbed the tower, but were shocked to find the belfry empty, the bell still vibrating. At noon that day, the Fairy Queen departed for Pictou, Nova Scotia. Hours later, word arrived that the vessel had sunk in rough seas and seven passengers had been lost. The chilling twist? Four of the victims were women, three of whom were members of the St. James congregation.

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