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Stamps with Crystals - Update

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Maldives 2016 Maharaj Agrasen Stamp with 4 Swarovski Crystals

Issue date 01 October 2016

On the occasion of Agrasen Jayanti on 01 October 2016, Maldives Post has issued a special stamp on Maharaja Agrasen under the series of "Inventions and Explorations" along with personalities like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and others.

The stamp was released to highlight the growing trade relationship between the Maldives and India and chose to focus on one of the country’s main business groups. 

The Agarwal and Agrahari communities are descendants of Maharaja Agrasen, who is considered the founding father of the entire Marwari community. There are about 17 gotras – or clans – under the Agarwals, including the Jindals, Bansals, Mittals, Singhals, Goyals, Gargs and Tayals. Agrasen is credited with establishing a kingdom of traders in North India named Agroha.

The limited-edition stamps – 1,200 in number – are in the shape of a kalash (urn) decorated with gold foil with four crystals embedded. 

The miniature sheet is also of an unusual shape and each sheet is numbered. A special folder with gold foiling has been designed to preserve the miniature sheet. It opens as a window and explains various aspects and details of Maharaja Agrasen and the Agarwal community 

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