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UAE 2016 Etihad Museum Transparent Stamps

Issue date 02 December 2016

On the occasion of 45th UAE National Day, the Etihad Museum was inaugurated on 02 December 2016 by the current rulers of UAE and a special stamp sheet of transparent stamps was issued by Emirates Post,

The museum, spread over 26,000 square metres, is located adjacent to the Union House where the declaration to establish the independent state of the United Arab Emirates and bring into effect a temporary constitution was signed in 1971.

The entrance of the new museum is designed in the shape of a manuscript with seven columns that simulate the pen used to sign the declaration. The museum includes permanent and temporary halls, a theatre, an educational area, a recreational area, administrative offices and car parking. It comprises eight permanent galleries in addition to a temporary gallery to exhibit items from international museums.

The museum tells the story of the Union’s creation from the perspective of the country’s leaders and aims to educate visitors about the nation’s constitution, particularly the rights, privileges and responsibilities that it bestows upon the people of the UAE.

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