Thursday, 30 March 2017

Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps - Update

Category - Sight 
Subcategory - Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps 

Switzerland 2016 Nocturnal Animals with glow in the dark printing under UV  



The moon, stars and the area around the glow worm glows in the dark under UV

Issue date 11 May 2016 

The “Nocturnal animals” special stamps issued by Swiss Post feature a dark night’s sky featuring four creatures of the night native to Switzerland: a brown owl, a garden dormouse, a large glow worm and a hedgehog. 4 stamp sheetlets were issued containing the four different nocturnal animals.

Under the cover of darkness, the nocturnal animals under the cover of darkness come out in search of their prey in the silvery moonlight - creeping, flying, feasting on their prey and attracting potential mates. Nature has provided these nocturnal animals with an acute sense of hearing, highly sensitive sight, organs of touch, radar-like systems, their own light sources and many other aids. 

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