Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Odd Shaped Stamps - Update

Category - Sight 
Subcategory - Odd shaped stamps  
USA 2000 Exploring the Solar System Pentagon shaped stamps 

Issue date 11 July 2000 

First pentagonal postage stamps issued by USPS. The souvenir sheet shows Earth's moon, Saturn, and a multitude of stars. Each stamp features a different representation of the sun. 
  Clockwise, from the top, the stamps show: 

- the sun's corona at the peak of an eclipse; 
- an artist's representation of the cross-section of the sun's interior; 
- a computer-enhanced NASA photograph taken from space of a sunrise over Earth; 
- image recorded from the Skylab space station of a solar eruption; 
- and an Earth-based photograph of the sun shining through a cloud-dotted sky. 

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