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Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets - Update

Category - Sight/ Touch
Subcategory - Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets 

Happy Canada Day 150..

Australia 2017 Melbourne Stamp Show - Rare Beauties Minisheet stamp set

Day 1 Transparent Stamp

Day 2 Rhodonite affixed Stamp

Day 3 - Varnish printing on stamp

Day 4 - 3D Holographic foil printing


Issue date 30 March /31 March/01 April / 02 April 2017

The Melbourne 2017 International Exhibition was held at Caulfield Racecourse, Victoria from 30 March till 02 April 2017.

The Rare Beauties featuring the Gemstones found in Australia are 

Day 1 - Pink Diamond (Minisheet featuring a Transparent Stamp was released on 30 March 2017), 

Day 2 - Rhodonite Stone (Minisheet featuring a Rhodonite stone affixed on the Stamp was released on 31 March 2017), 

Day 3 - Fluorite Stone (Minisheet featuring a varnish printing on Stamp was released on 01 April 2017), 

Day 4 - Golden Sapphire Stone (Minisheet featuring a Holographic foil Stamp was released on 02 April 2017), 

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