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Tête-Bêche Stamps

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In Philately - Tête-Bêche (French for head to tail) is a joined pair of stamps in which one is upside-down in relation to the other, produced intentionally or accidentally. Like any pair of stamps, a pair of tête-bêches can be a vertical or a horizontal pair. In the case of a pair of triangular stamps, they cannot help but be linked "head-to-tail".

Canada 2017 History of Hockey Tête-Bêche Stamps

Issue date 20 October 2017

Canada Post in a joint issue with USPS has issued a Tête-Bêche pair of Stamps celebrating the history of hockey shared by both countries. This is the sixth joint issue for Canada Post and the USPS.

The stamp format is tête-bêche – a joined pair of similar images in which one is upside down. On an open pond, a player in modern equipment reflects, literally, on the past. Mirrored in the ice beneath him is a player in vintage gear. The imaginative imagery gives a visual sense of looking back through time. The paired images also depict the game's evolution.

The selvage – or area outside the stamps on the souvenir sheet – depicts a father teaching his daughter how to play on a pond. "History of Hockey" appears on the bottom left corner of the sheet, with the flags of Canada and the United States in the top right-hand corner.

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