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3D - Stamps with Laminated Prismatic Ribbed Plastic Surface - Update

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Sub category -  3D - Stamps with Laminated Prismatic Ribbed Plastic Surface

Bhutan 2018 Space Exploration 3D Stamps Souvenir Sheet

Issue date 10 August 2018

Bhutan’s first satellite CubeSat Bhutan-1 was deployed from International Space Station (ISS) into the low earth orbit on 10 August 2018. To commemorate the historic event, jointly produced by the MoIC and Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited, a new 3D lenticular stamp was issued with four stamps featuring pictures of Bhutan-1 satellite and when viewed from a slightly different angle, one can see pictures of the four dzongs of Bhutan.

The satellite was sent in to space at 3.41 PM BST aboard a space X Dragon  space craft on June 29, 2018 to be delivered to the International space station.

The face value of the 3D SS is 1000 Nu or Rs 1000.00. There are 4 stamps in the SS of each 250 NU or Rs 250.00. The sheet is imperforate.

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 3D - Stamps with Laminated Prismatic Ribbed Plastic Surface

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