Thursday, 14 November 2019

Wood and Wood Paper Stamps - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps made from different material - Wood

Spain 2019 Discoverers of Oceania, Francisco Antonio Mourelle Wood Stamp Sheet

Issue date 25 October 2019

Correos Spain has issued a special stamp sheet featuring Oceania Discoverers - Francisco Mourelle de la Rua with 16 stamps printed on wood paper simulating the material with which the ships were built.

He was born in 1750 in La Coruña and became a great navigator. Being assignedto the Philippines, in 1780 Governor José Basco y Vargas entrusted him with the command of the frigate Princesa to make an journey to Mexico.

While crossing the Pacific Ocean, he discovered numerous islands such as the Hermit Island, and San Francisco, San Jose and San Antonio, which today are called Simberi, Mabua, Tabar among others.

But his most important discovery was that of the Vavao group of islands, in the Tonga archipelago. He made a great friendship with the "Tubou" or king of the islands. 

After many other trips, combats, successes and failures, he died on May 24, 1820.

The stamp has in the background a detail of the map with the route that followed when he discovered the paradisaical islands.

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