Sunday 12 January 2020

Stamps with Crystals - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with Materials affixed - Crystals

My First Posting of 2020 the start of the new Decade. Let me wish my well wishers a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

A first agenda is an update of Unusual Stamps collecting for my blog

- Odd shaped stamps/ Odd Shaped miniature sheets no longer considered unusual variety (I stopped collecting these a few years back considering monetary reasons first due to variety issues by a far enormity of countries issuing these stamps and the huge frequency of issue. The odd shaped stamps on my blog appear occasionally due to a lot ordered and some stamps having the odd shaped with other uniqueness). Note this is a personal decision and persons interested in the category continue their passions. Let no one determine what best to collect. Its your decision finally.

- Stamps with thermography printed dust not considered unusual by some members of the Unusual Stamps collecting Community. This is also a personal decision issue as I do collect these stamps and it will appear on my blog because of the fine line between the stamps printed with thermographic particles and Stamp printed with types of rock dust (being it with sand particles/meteor dust/coal dust etc).

- 3D Holographic stamps with minor parts of hologram is also not unusual. Also on my agenda to collect. With malice towards none, please feel free to collect what you wish, only that these will not be updated on my blog. Once again it's a personal choice.

- Private issues by some countries. Recently we had a spate of wood sheets with stamps issued as a private issue by some African Countries which was issued to a dealer in China, with few numbers and high demand, these private issues were priced high. As a personal choice I will no longer be purchasing/updating these private wooden issues unless issued by the actual postal authorities. As a personal choice I will be continuing to collect the Private issued Stamps with Crystals (for those in the Know - private stamps issued by Liechtenstein) as part of a subscription service and these will be updated on my blog.

- Glow in the Dark under UV. Some stamps which has the Postal Logo or Serial Numbers seen under glow in the dark with UV light are already not updated on my blog as I do not collect these stamps but the ones with other special features are collected by me and updated on my blog. Do message me if I miss some, as the number also is increasing and difficult to track each and everyone issued.

- Stamps with Augmented Reality. As a personal choice I have stopped collecting this category as the AR link associated with these stamps are no longer working and the number of stamps issued by one country is just enough to buy the YEAR BOOK at the end but then the AR link associated with these stamps disappear and hence the beauty of these stamps are lost.

- Stamps made of Gold. As a personal choice have stopped collecting this category as I personally feel these stamps are too expensive to be used as stamps and if someone does use these stamps for postage, there is no guarantee the sender will ever receive it. I have a weak spot for Stamps made of Silver though which I will continue to collect. So its a personal choice and stamps made of Gold will no longer be updated on my blog. 

Remember let no one tell you what to collect. If you have the means please go full ahead. No one is telling you to stop in enjoying what you so desire.

My first post for 2020...

Austria 2019 Christmas Tree Stamp with Crystal

Issue date 08 November 2019

Austria Post has issued a special stamp for Christmas 2019 with an outline of a Christmas Tree composed of white typographical ornaments, which appear as fine decorations on the tree's invisible branches, at the same time forming its outline in silhouette. A glowing Swarovski Crystal adorns the top of this Christmas tree.

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Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures. The pictures have been scanned from my collection.

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