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Glow in the Dark Stamp Under UV Stamps

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Jersey 2013 Superman Stamp with Glow in Dark effect
Issue date - 07 June 2013

The Jersey Post has issued a set of Superman Stamps Set ahead of the release of the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill who comes from Jersey.

The Stamp set consists of 6 stamps featuring Superman's various super powers and a lenticular miniature sheet. One of the Stamp - 88p, features a hidden message from Superman's father Jor-El which is visible only in the dark (glow in dark invisible ink used). 

Malaysia 2013 Lighthouse in Malaysia Series 2 MS with glow in dark effect

Issue date 30 April 2013

Pos Malaysia issued the second series of stamps “Lighthouses in Malaysia”. The miniature sheet illustrates the One Fathom Bank Lighthouse in Selangor. The lighthouse glows in the dark due to the phosphor coating on the miniature sheet.

Belgium 2013 Glow in the dark Go For Zero-Traffic Safety miniature sheet

Issue date 11 February 2013

Belgian Post issued a miniature sheet featuring Traffic Safety under the banner 'Go for Zero'. Some lines and drawings on stamps and sheet are coated with phosphorescent ink that makes them glow in the dark.

France 2012 Tropical Fishes - Miniature sheet with glow in dark image under UV

Issue date:  30 April 2012

The sheet contains four stamps–an Emperor angelfish 1.00€; a Clownfish 0.60€; a Pennant Coral   fish 0.77€; and a Leafy Sea dragon or Glauert’s Sea dragon 0.60€.  The sheet contains a glowing mermaid that only shows up under UV light above the fin of the smaller shark! (See also - Stamps with Micro Printing - June 2012)    

Thailand 2011 - Five Venerated Monks Medallions  (UV glow in dark image)

Issue date 11 Nov 2011

Benjaphakhi coins series issued by Thailand Post

Luang Po Klan coin, Wat Phraya Tikaram, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, B.E. 2469 (First-hook mold, Copper with plated gold) – Design 1

Luang Pu Eiam coin, Wat Nang Ratchaworawiharn, Bangkok, B.E. 2467. First batch (Enameled gold) – Design 2

Luang Pu Suk coin, Wat Pak Khlong Makham Thao, Chai Nat Province, B.E. 2466 (Copper with plated gold) – Design 3

Luang Po Khong coin, Wat Bang Ka Phom, Samuth Songkhram Province (Satang rim, Copper) – Design 4

Luang Po Chui coin, Wat Khongkharam, Petchaburi Province, B.E. 2465 (Mo mold with filling, Fumed copper) – Design 5

Special Invisible Ink printing technique was used. The ink cannot be seen to the naked eyes, but the cabalistic writing on the back of each coin will become visible under ultraviolet light.

Singapore 2011 – Lunar Year of the Rabbit – Gold foil with UV image

Issue date 07 Jan 2011

At the beginning of the year Singapore Post welcomed 2011 with the release of the Rabbit Zodiac stamp issue.

Adding to the philatelic collection was the special Collector's Sheet - the first-of-its-kind offset printing on hot foiled golden metallic film with matt UV varnish. Under this special effect, one can simultaneously view the Rabbit with the Tiger on the S$5 stamp. The S$10 stamp features the same interesting effect with the Rabbit and the Dragon.

Canada 2010 – International Year of the Forest – Miniature sheet with glow in dark 

Issue on: 22 April 2011

2011 is UN's International Year of the Forest. On 22 April 2011, Canada issued a set with a two-stamp Miniature Sheet having several small white silhouetted animals on the right side. When viewed under black light, the souvenir sheet reveals an exciting surprise—nocturnal forest animals.

New Zealand 2009 Scenic Lighthouses of NZ FDC with photochromic stamps

Issued 07 Jan 2009

New Zealand Post issued a series of five stamps commemorating the 150th anniversary of New Zealand's first lighthouse.

The following lighthouses are featured: Pencarrow Lighthouse, Dog Island Lighthouse, Cape Brett Lighthouse, Cape Egmont Lighthouse, and Cape Reinga Lighthouse.

Each stamp features a technological 'landmark' of its own – lighthouse beams that actually glow in the dark!

To activate the glow-in-the-dark ink, hold the stamps for a short time under a light, or in the sun - the effect can then be seen in the dark.

Iceland 2008 – Imagine Peace Tower Stamp Sheet (UV glow in dark)

Issue date 9 October 2008

The Icelandic Postal Company has released a stamp on 9 October 2008 depicting the Imagine Peace Tower, which is dedicated to the memory of Beatle - John Lennon. The stamp is printed in a traditional offset format and then overprinted with phosphorus in silk screen which causes the picture to accumulate light and then glow in the dark. When exposed to ultraviolet light, a picture of John Lennon appears on the stamp. The stamp sheet provides instructions how to make your own peace light.

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is composed of a tall shimmering tower of light that is lit every year and is visible from October 9th (John’s birthday) until December 8th (the anniversary of his death). The Tower is located in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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Hongkong 2008 – Jellyfish glow in the dark under UV light

Issue date 12 June 2008

A set of special stamps featuring jellyfish was issued on 12 June, 2008 by Hong Kong Post, printed with a glow-in-the- dark effect. The six stamps are Flower Hat Jelly ($1.40); Octopus Jelly ($1.80); Brown Sea Nettle ($2.40); Moon Jelly ($2.50); Lion's Mane Jelly ($3); and Pacific Sea Nettle ($5).

Malaysia 2008 Nocturnal Animals Miniature sheet with glow in dark stamps

Issue date 24 April 2008

Nocturnal Animals
Animals live in virtually every type of habitat available in the Malaysian rainforest and even exploit man-made habitats. One interesting feature in animal ecology and behaviour is that some animals travel and feed mainly by night (nocturnal) as opposed to animals that move about during the day (diurnal). Various birds, mammals and reptiles have evolved towards a nocturnal way of life for numerous reasons. Due to the reduced amount of light at night, strictly nocturnal animals generally have good night vision to allow them to seek out prey and to avoid predators.

Miniature Sheet

Slow loris (Nycticebus coucang)
Largely arboreal, this primate which can weigh almost a kilogramme, is often found alone although couples with dependent young are sometimes seen. It feeds on small animals, mostly insects and on pulpy fruits. It lives in mature and secondary forests as well as in gardens and plantations.

Tarsier (Tarsius bancanus)

This small primate of less than two kilogrammes is active from ground level to atleast seven metres and generally leaps from tree to tree. It feeds mainly on large insects and is often solitary. Tarsier is known to make high pitch calls frequently and can be found in both mature and secondary forests.

China 2006 – Decorative Lanterns Stamps with Glow in Dark effect

Issue date – 12 Feb 2006

Stamps issued by China Post to celebrate the Lantern Festival with special glow in dark effect.

Hong Kong 2006 Charming Chinese Lanterns – with fluorescent ink

Issue date 12 February 2006

Yuanxiao (Chinese Lantern Festival) falls on 12 February 2006 (Sunday) and Hongkong Post, China Post and Macao Post are each issuing a set of special stamps in celebration. This set of "Charming Chinese Lanterns" stamps is the sixth joint issue by the three postal administrations on a common theme. The three stamps issued by Hongkong Post are the Lotus Fairy Lantern (HK$1.40), the Narcissus Lantern (HK$1.80) and the Peacock Lantern (HK$2.40).

The stamps create a brilliant illusion of a lantern inset by superimposing a lantern silhouette over an illuminated lantern. The character font has an echo of seal script, which lends a touch of classical elegance to the stamps. And to enhance the theme, fluorescent ink is applied to the sides of the stamp, which makes the stamps glow under ultraviolet light. 

Australia 2005 Creatures of the Slime – Embossed miniature sheet with image under UV 

Issue date: 21 April 2005

Special Feature : Using the UV light you can find hidden fossils on the outer area of the miniature sheet.

Australia Postal Service has issue Six new stamps on a mini-sheet that have postage values of 50 cents and $1.00 named "Creatures of the Slime" on the 21st of April 2005. The stamps depict the world's first animals that date back some 560 million years. Known as Ediacaran fossils, they predate dinosaurs by 1 million years and are probably related to worms, jellyfish, and snails. Found in the Ediacaran Hills of the world heritage Flinders Ranges in South Australia. These tiny organisms fossils have only been found in three other places in the world. Each of the animals is describe as follows:
Tribrachidium (50c) - may have lived on the sea floor.
Dickinsonia (50c) - a "germ eater" having a very elegant form.
Spriggina (50c) - a cross between a segmented annelid worm and an arthropod.
Kimberella (50c) - probably a soft-shelled mollusc.
Inaria (50c) - may be one of the oldest fossils of an animal showing the entire body.
Charnodiscus ($1.00) - a feather-like organism.

France 2001 Halloween Photochromic Stamp

Issue date 20 Oct 2001

La Poste issued a sheet of 5 stamps on the occasion of Halloween. On a mauve background is shown a carved face shape pumpkin. Also four other objects surrounding the Halloween festival are depicted on the sheet (Bat, Potion bottle, Skull and Witch on a Broom).

The carved face shape pumpkin along with the Halloween word also glows in dark under UV light.

Australia 1997 – Night Creatures Glow in the dark MS

Issue date : 01 Oct 1997

In October 1997 Australia Post issued a set of Creatures of the Night. The miniature sheet incorporated an extra design overprinted in phosphor, only visible in the dark. It was a spider and web.

The miniature sheet also featured 45c Barking Owl, 45c Yellow-Bellied Glider, 45c Dingo , 45c Spotted-Tail Quail, 45c Platypus, and 45c Brown Antechinus.

Australia 1995 The World Down Under Glow in the dark MS under UV

Issue date 03 Oct 1995

Australia Post issued a miniature sheet The World Down Under featuring 45c Ratback Turtle, 45c Flame Angelfish, 45c Maori Wasse, 45c Giant Trevally, 45c Black Marlin and 45c Mako and Tiger Sharks. The miniature sheet glows under UV light.

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