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Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets

Category - Multi - Sensory 
Subcategory - Stamps set with different printing technology

Jersey 2013 Superman Multi-Sensory Stamp set

Issue date - 07 June 2013

The Jersey Post has issued a set of Superman Stamps Set ahead of the release of the latest Superman film, Man of Steel, which stars Henry Cavill who comes from Jersey.

The Stamp set consists of 6 stamps featuring Superman's various super powers and a lenticular miniature sheet. The miniature sheet - 3 GBP features a lenticular stamp which when tilted shows the Man of Steel flying across the stamp.

The 45p stamp features a close up of Cavill, triggering an augmented reality app through Smartsy.

The 55p transparent stamp illustrates Superman’s most famous power – flying.

The 60p stamp with Simili silver foiling reflecting the Man of Steel’s strength.

The 68p stamp, a Heat Sensitive stamp is printed on monochromic ink, which when warmed reveals the earth behind Superman.

The 80p stamp, a thermographic stamp uses actual crushed granite from Beauport Bay, which is Cavill’s favourite spot in Jersey.

The 88p Stamp, features a hidden message from Superman's father Jor-El which is visible only in the dark (glow in dark invisible ink used). 

South Africa 2010 International Stamp Show Joburg 2010 : Celebrating print techniques on South Africa stamps

Issue date 09 October 2010

At the South Africa,  Joburg 2010 International Stamp Show, South African post issued a miniature sheet with each stamp showcasing the different print techniques used on South African Stamps. 

First South African Stamp – Reprint of the first stamp of the Union of South Africa, issued on 10 November 1910 for the opening of the First Union Parliament. It was a 2 1⁄2d stamp which portrayed the monarch King George V along with the logo arms of the four British colonies which formed the Union: Cape Colony, Natal, Orange River Colony and Transvaal. 

First South African stamp using Rotogravure printing process. Reprint of 1927 - 1s stamp featuring two large African antelopes Gnus.

First South African stamp using Letterpress printing process – Reprint of 1929 Biplane 4d Stamp issued on16 August 1929 with South Africa inscribed bilingually on the Stamp.   

First South African stamp using Process colour – Reprint of 1963 - 50 years of Kirstenbosch Botanic Gardens in Cape Town on a 2 ½ c multicolored Stamp featuring Red Disa Orchid (Disa uniflora) with table mountain on the background issued on 14 March 1963. Multicolour printing process.

First South African stamp printed with Gold Foil – Reprint of 1970 – 150th anniversary of Bible Society of South Africa Stamp celebrating the Year of the Bible issued on 20 August 1970 featuring an open book on a 12 ½ C stamp. Combination of photogravure and embossing with gold foil printing process.

First South African stamp printed using intaglio printing process – Reprint of 1974 Voortrekker Monument and Encampment 4c Stamp issued 6 December 1974 commemorating the 25th anniversary of Voortrekker Monument (Monument to the Pioneers) in Pretoria.

First South African Stamp printed using Offset Lithography printing process – Reprint of 1974 100th Anniversary of the first official coin struck in South Africa, the Burger’s pond, a one-pound sterling gold coin on a 9-cent stamp issued on 6 April 1974.

First Stamp in the world printed using Superlitho printing process. Reprint of a stamp issued in a 1997 Year of Cultural Artifacts miniature sheet which featured a Tswana Knife handle on a Stamp. 

First South African Stamp printed with Braille – Reprint of 2005 Prevent Blindness Braille Stamp issued on 20 November 2005 featuring the word HELLO embossed in Braille.

First South African Stamp printed with a fragrance – Reprint of a 2008 South African Nanaqualand Flowers Stamp set which featured a Karoo Gazania Daisy flower self-adhesive stamp, issued on August 22, 2008. The flower on the stamp is a Karoo Gazania Daisy or (Gazania rigida).

First South African Stamp embossed and printed gold foil – Reprint of 2009 - 75th Anniversary of South African Airways Stamp Set - issued on 13 March 2009 featuring the Captains Badge & Insignia on an embossed and printed gold foil Stamp.

First South African Stamp printed with a 3D effect – Reprint of 2009 3D Anaglyph Dinosaurs Stamp issued on 2 November 2009. Two views of the picture was printed in two colours, usually red for the left eye and blue or green for the right that required special glasses with red and green (or blue) lenses for 3D viewing.

Great Britain 2005 – Centenary of the Magic Circle - Multi -sensory Stamp set

Issue date: 15 March 2005

On a summer's day in 1905, twenty three amateur and professional magicians gathered together at London's Pinoli's Restaurant with the intention of forming a magic club. The result was the founding of The Magic Circle.  The Magic Circle today, is a premier magical society in the fascinating world of magic and illusion.

Royal Mail celebrated the Centenary of the Magic Circle with a set of 5 novelty stamps. Each stamp sought to bring a very simple magic trick to life. 

1st class - 'Heads or Tails'. The design shows a coin, and the blank centre can be scratched away to reveal either the head or reverse side. 

40p - 'Rabbit and hat'. This is an optical illusion. 

47p - 'Knotted scarf trick'. Thermographic ink on the spotted scarf will reveal a different scarf when warmed. 

69p - 'Card trick'. Another optical illusion. 

£1.12 - 'Three-cup trick'. A variation on the three-cup trick using a pyramid under one of 3 fezzes. Thermographic ink reveals which fez the pyramid is under.

Great Britain 2001 – Centenary of Noble Prize - Benham “Silk” Limited Edition First Day Cover

Issue date: 02 October 2001

Benham “Silk” First Day Cover No. 0733 of a Limited Edition of 5000. 

The Stamps issued by UK Post is a set of 6 stamps to commemorate the Nobel Prize Centenary. The Dutch Printers have used six different printing processes, one for each Nobel Prize category commemorated.

The first class stamp, denominated 1st, utilizes the intaglio, or recess, embossed printing process and features a red and blue globe commemorating economics.

The second-class issue, celebrates the Chemistry Prize, and depicts a Carbon 60 molecule. The stamp is heat sensitive, and firm pressure from a fingertip reveals an ion hidden behind the black on white design.

The E stamp, for European mail, bears an embossed Dove marking the Peace Prize.

The stamps not marked 1st, 2nd, or E bear numeric rates, but no currency designation, presumably foreshadowing the U.K.'s eventual entry into a European Economic Union.

The 40 (p), Medicine, stamp shows a green cross, which releases a Eucalyptus scent when scratched and sniffed.

The 45, airmail rate, Literature commemorative includes the micro-printed text of T.S. Eliot's The Addressing of Cats.

Finally, the 65 airmail rate, Physics, high value carries a boron molecule hologram--a technology pioneered by the British 30 years ago, but only now featured on a U.K. stamp.

Disclaimer - Information about the stamp issues on this page has been taken from the net and are for informational purposes only. No copyright claim is made for the above mentioned information/pictures. 

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