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3D - Holographic Stamps - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with 3D Hologram  

Malaysia 2010 Firefly MS Hologram Image

Issue date : 10 May 2010 

Fireflies are beetles and are locally known as 'kelip-kelip', 'kunang-kunang' or 'api-api' in Malaysia. In Malaysia, there are many rivers where thousands on this ('famous' synchronous firefly, Pteroptyx tener, featured in the Miniature Sheet) species group together along the inter-tidal mangrove rivers such as Kuala Selangor, where the fireflies display themselves on the 'berembang’ or Sonneratia caseolaris display trees along the river like 'Christmas trees'. The Miniature Sheet is very unique as at the bottom of the firefly's abdomen where light is emitted is printed using a special transparent holographic foil to reflect a real firefly flashing at night.

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