Wednesday 15 October 2014

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South Korea 2014 Gold Earings and Painting Stamp   

Issue date 7 August 2014

Korea Post issued 2 definitive stamps featuring 

- "Gold Earings" from Hwango-dong, Gyeongju, excavated from the Hwango-dong tomb no.52 of the Silla Dynasty. The 9 cm long earring is a large thick plain ring with numerous leaf shaped ornaments hanging from it. It is housed in the National Museum of Korea.

- "Gosa Gwansudo Painting of a Lofty Scholar Contemplating Over Water" is a painting from the 15th century and housed in the National Museum of Korea. The painting was drawn on paper in black and white by Kang Hui-an, a painter from the Joseon Dynasty. The viewer can see the scholar calmly contemplating over running water while leaning forward onto a rock.

For prevention of counterfeiting of these high value stamps (KRW 1930 and KRW 3000), the stamps were printed with (1) Optically Variable Ink where character become more prominent when viewing the stamp at different angles, (2) Microtext letters and (3) the Korean Peninsula Map perforation.

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