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Canada 2015 Lost Ships - The Franklin Expedition

Embossed Effect seen at the back of booklet

Issue date 6 August 2015

Canada Post issued stamps which pays tribute to the discovery of HMS Erebus, the lost flagship of the Franklin Expedition.

Erebus was one of two ships that became trapped in ice during an ill-fated 1840’s voyage in search of the Northwest Passage. Their crew eventually died in a desperate southbound march. Erebus remained lost until 2014, more than a century and half later, when Parks Canada and its partners located the ship off the Nunavut coast.

This booklet contains five pairs of se-tenant domestic stamps. One stamp depicts a stricken Erebus encased in ice, while the second is a map of the Arctic region where the expedition met its grisly fate. Locations on the map are written in Inuktut, a tribute to the stories of Inuit eyewitnesses, passed down through oral accounts that helped pinpoint the eventual discovery.

The stamps on this booklet have an embossed effect.

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