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Alderney 2009 Sherlock Holmes Mystery Presentation Pack - “Curious Case Of The Alderney Bull” containing a Miniature Sheet with hidden image

Decoder lens

Presentation Pack - Front

Presentation Pack - Back

Presentation Pack Unfolded

Issue date 29 Oct 2009

Sherlock Holmes was one of the famous creations by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, born on 22 May 1859.

'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,' were published in 1892 featuring short stories of crime detective and became quite popular very quickly.

The Sherlock Holmes Mystery Presentation pack tells the story of Sherlock Holmes and the Curious Case of the Alderney Bull and includes a special decoder lens which help in solving the mystery in the story on the presentation pack.

The pack also includes a set of 6 stamps which tells the story and by scouring the pictures and stamps for clues (hidden images), one can set about solving the mystery. The Stamps were issued by Alderney Post in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birth.

The story starts with the theft of an Alderney bull, a breed of livestock much valued in the 19th century for the quantity and richness of milk produced by the cows.

The drawings incorporate buildings and landscapes from Alderney, an island within the Guernsey boundaries.  

Guernsey is a group of islands in the English Channel, dependent of the British Crown.

Part of the Guernsey bailiwick and situated at the northernmost of the Channel Islands, is the Alderney Island, who started issuing their own postage stamps in 1983.

The hidden image (Spoiler alert) - The culprit can be seen with the decoder lens (when tilted to the left at 15 degrees) in the area of the magnifying glass on the miniature sheet.

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