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3D - Motion Stamps - Update

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Canada 2016 Star Trek 50th Anniversary – Lenticular Souvenir Sheet 

Issue date 5 May 2016

On the occasion of the Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, Canada Post pays tribute to the "Transporter" which used to instantly beam people from one place to another (most of the time - in the nick of the action) with lenticular stamp images from one of the greatest episodes of the original series, “The City on the Edge of Forever.” The transporter on Star Trek worked by converting its subjects into an energy pattern to beam them to their target, then rematerializing them into matter.

The stamps show crew members magically appearing and disappearing: on the transporter platform of the U.S.S. Enterprise and through a time portal known as the Guardian of Forever.

A  “lenticular” printing process was applied to the stamp which made the images appear to move when viewed from different angles.

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