Tuesday 31 May 2016

Stamps with Rock Dust - Update

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Switzerland 2016 Gottardo stamp with rock dust from the Gotthard

Issue date 11 May 2016

Swiss Post to celebrate the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel has issued a special stamp with real rock dust from the Gotthard. Stones from the Gotthard tunnel were extracted, ground into a fine powder and added to the stamps to create the “Gottardo 2016” special stamp. The stamps shows the stations at both end of the tunnel - Erstfeld and Bodio station.

On 1 June 2016, the worlds longest tunnel opened which allowed the Gotthard Shuttle to travel at 200 km/hour. The Gotthard Base tunnel has opened up new prospects for the north and south. At 57 kilometres in length, it is a world-record-breaking tunnel. 28,200,000 tonnes of rock were excavated during the construction process, and 325 trains a day are set to speed through the massif. 

According to ancient legend, the giant Gott­hard perched up high on the granite and gneiss of the massif has parted the waters, the four winds and the cardinal points, dividing cultures, languages and mentalities and dashing all human dreams of mobility and freedom of movement. 

There are few stories of individuals who have somehow succeeded in climbing over the giant’s shoulders. The wild Schöllenen Gorge was conquered – with the construction of a swaying footbridge in the 1200s and, finally, a bridge allegedly built with the aid of the devil which allowed mule trains to pass. The mule tracks were replaced by pass roads which allowed horse drawn mail coaches to pass through. 1980 saw the opening of the road tunnel and the story continued till the opening of the base tunnel.

The rock dust printed on the stamp when viewed at an angle

To view how these special stamps were issued see following video from swiss post website

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