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Scented Stamps - Update

Category - Smell 
Subcategory - Scented Stamps / Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes 

Liberia 2011 Chocolate Theme Cocoa Export - Cocoa Scented MS

Issue date 21 Jun 2011

The African nation of Liberia will issue two sheets of chocolate themed postage stamps commemorating one of their leading exports, cocoa. Postage stamps on the first sheet are designed to appear as blocks of chocolate in an unwrapped candy bar, while the second sheet portrays a box of truffles–each stamp depicting a different gourmet confection. Both sheets are cocoa scented. 

These attractive designs strive to educate philatelists in the process of making this beloved dessert, from harvesting the beans to packaging chocolate products. The incorporation of a quick response (QR) barcode supplies additional information on this process and gives the stamps a modern touch.

The QR code can be scanned by most smartphones and read with a built-in decoding program which will reveal a document entitled, “From Bean to Bar: The Making of Chocolate.”

Each sheet features 9 stamps.

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Stamps with Interactive (QR/Bar/Augmented Reality/C) codes

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