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Stamps with Rock Dust - Update

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Costa Rica 2016 Archeological Site featuring Stamps with pulverized Rock Dust 

Issue date 23 June 2016

Correos de Costa Rica ( Costa Rica Postal Authority) to commemorate the second anniversary of the declaration of the four Precolumbian Chiefdom Settlements with Stone Spheres of the Diquis archaeological sites ( Finca 6, Batambal, Grijalba-2 and El Silencio sites) in Costa Rica as World Heritage. 

Stone Sphere in the courtyard of the National Museum of Costa Rica.

The archeological sites are famous for Stone Spheres or Stone Balls and are found scattered on the Diquís Delta. These sites features stone spheres alignments, statues, funeral remains and architectural structures, which are examples of cultural and artistic traditions of the indigenous groups in South Central America. 

At the Finca 6 site has the only two alignments of stone spheres that remain in its original location. In addition, two spheres were found in front of a ramp associated with an artificial mound. 

Batambal features sites with ceremonial functions.  On this site there are four areas of medium-sized stone that are associated with structures made of boulders.  In a structure archeologist found three small areas associated with a lot of sculptures intentionally fragmented in pre-Columbian times (one of the fragmented sculpture found on the sheet).

El Silencio (Silence) is the largest stone sphere found to date in the Diquís region.  It measures 2.57 m in diameter and weighs about 20 tons. The discovery of stone tools near the sphere, the first recorded in an archaeological excavation provides information on the production process. 

In Grijalba-2 there are five well-preserved mounds and a ball in its original position with ceramic and stone surrounding the main area.  The structures are above the ground and are surrounded with limestone walls with extensive paved areas to the front.  The use of limestone is a distinctive element of this settlement. 

The two stamps features photographs of an excavation of stone spheres and a photograph of a stone sphere of the area and printed with particles of a pulverized stone from the Diquís Delta area.

Dust particles printed can be seen when viewed at an angle

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