Wednesday 23 November 2016

Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs - Update

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Subcategory - Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Odd Shaped Miniature Sheet / Glow in dark under UV / Odd shaped Miniature Sheet

Rearranging an old post

Malaysia 2008 Butterflies of Malaysia - Five-bar swordtail butterfly – Odd shaped Miniature Sheet with Glow in dark under UV and Holes/perforations on the miniature sheet

Issue date 24 April 2008

Malaysia Post issued a beautiful Butterfly shaped Miniature sheet containing one Five Malaysian Ringgit Stamp on a butterfly called Five – bar Swordtail. The miniature sheet contains six perforation which can be removed to give the effect of a perforated wing.

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Glow in dark under UV

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