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Stamps with Rock Dust - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with matter affixed - Rock dust

Hong Kong 2002 Rocks of Hong Kong Stamps with rock dust

Issue date 15 September 2002

Hong Kong Post has issued special stamps printed with Rock dust using the Thermographic printing technology featuring rock dust from different types of rock found in the outlying islands of Hong Kong.

$1.40 : Ping Chau - Siltstone
Ping Chau is made up of finely layered siltstone and mudstone. These are the youngest rocks in Hong Kong and the rocks contain many fossils including insect and plant remains. 

$2.40 : Port Island - Conglomerate
The Port Island conglomerate has a very distinctive reddish-brown colour. The rocks were formed from sediments. The desert conditions made most of the rocks red. 

$3.00 : Po Pin Chau - Tuff
Thick volcanic rock layers (tuff) occurred along the coast and on offshore islands of eastern Hong Kong. As shown in the close- up, these rock layers are characterised by six-sided, columnar joints, from North Ninepin Island. 

$5.00 : Lamma Island - Granite

South Lamma Island is mainly made up of granite and as shown in the close-up, the rock mainly comprises three major minerals: white feldspar, transparent quartz and black biotite.

The Thermographic printing process involves putting a layer of transparent thermographic powder to the stamp sheet before the ink dries. This is the first time thermographic printing of a Hong Kong stamp.

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