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Odd Shaped Miniature Sheet - Update

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Switzerland 2017 200 years of the Bicycle Odd shaped Sheet

Issue date 23 Feb 2017

Today the bicycle is seen as an efficient and highly ecological means of transport that enhances the quality of life. It doesn’t create exhaust or noise emissions and only takes up a few square metres of parking space. 

On 12 June 1817, German inventor Karl Drais from Baden  rode through Mannheim on his self-constructed “running machine” which he patented under the name “draisine”. This invention was soon forgotten but the invention of pedals in 1866 soon led to the development of the high wheel or penny-farthing, which proved quite dangerous and was immediately banned in many places. The modern bicycle took off with the introduction of the rear wheel chain drive in the 1880s.

 Swiss Post has printed two special stamps in black-and-white show both the draisine and a modern bicycle on a odd shaped sheet. One stamp has the former in the foreground, the other the latter.

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