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Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations

Canada 2002 Jean Paul Riopelle Masterpiece with design perforations

Issue date 07 October 2002.

Jean-Paul Riopelle was born in 1923 in Montreal. He began learning to paint at the age of 10 with painter and sculptor Henri Bisson as his teacher. He later attended École Polytechnique de Montréal, Académie des Beaux-Arts and École du meuble. It was at École du meuble, that he met Paul-Émile Borduas, a painter and sculptor who was on the cutting edge of the avant-gardist and surrealist movements. Riopelle quickly embraced the thinking of this new master and joined him, and others, in the creation of Les Automatistes, a group of artists whose works were inspired more by emotion than the reproduction of tangible objects. 

The Riopelle issue also features a hidden copyright date that appears as a drop out in the fluorescent tagging. The Souvenir sheet features a dove made from perforations 

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