Saturday, 16 September 2023

Scented Stamps - Update

Category - Smell 
Subcategory - Scented Stamps

Taiwan 2023 TAIPEI 2023 – 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Commemorative Issue

Issue Date 11 August 2023

Chunghwa Post has issued a special souvenir sheet to show the attraction of tourism in Taiwan based on famous landmarks - 
1.Tofu Rocks on Heping Island (NT$6) 
2. Ginkgo Trees at Wuling Farm (NT$8)
3. Tea Plantations on Alishan (NT$9)
4. Dawn at Sanxiantai (NT$10)

The souvenir sheet is shaped like a wave, exuding a tea fragrance on its selvage area of the souvenir sheet. Chunghwa Post has issued this souvenir sheet at the TAIPEI 2023 – 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition is held on August 11-15, 2023, at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1.

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