Monday 18 September 2023

Stamps with Iridescent Ink Printing - Update

Category - Touch/Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with 
Iridescent Ink

Switzerland 2022 - Swiss Inventions Barryvox

Issue date 08 September 2022

The Barryvox device is electronic version of Barry (the name of the famous dog from the Great St Bernard hospice) who is said to have saved the lives of 40 people. Barryvox is an avalanche beacon device, used to locate and rescue people caught up in avalanches as quickly as possible.

Swiss post to commemorate this Swiss Invention where Swiss electrical engineer and SAC tour guide Felix Meier played a key role in the development of the device up to its current version, the Barryvox® S by Mammut. 

The miniature sheet conveys both the fascination with but also the dangers of skiing and snowboarding in the High Alps. The special finish (Iridescent Ink) on the sheet provides a sparkling effect to the rushing snow of the avalanche and a slight tilt to the sheet shows the drama of a rescue helicopter picking up people stranded in an avalanche through ropes. (see Video)

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