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Personalised Stamps - Update

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India 2015 - My Stamps - Taj Mahal - Agra

Issue date 09 February 2015

My Stamp with the Taj Mahal Stamp was printed at Mumbai General Post Office (G.P.O) with a picture taken of me with my wife at Taj Mahal Agra when I visited India recently. 

Tried getting the same done at the Taj Mahal (small post office kiosk within the entrance area to the Taj Mahal) but was not successful. They only sold Post Cards and Stamps which you could post to any where in the world. Posted a card to myself from there (See below).



Tried again at the Agra Main Post Office but they did not have the My Stamp sheet with the Taj Mahal Stamp printed on it. 

Finally got it done in Mumbai as I remembered having seen it during my visit for the Mumbaipex 2015 Stamp exhibition earlier. Fortunately the My Stamp sheet with the Taj Mahal Stamp was not sold out and I had it printed with one of my pictures at the Taj Mahal - Agra which itself is one of the most beautiful and breath taking place on earth.

Do get your MyStamp made whenever you visit India.

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