Saturday 14 March 2015

Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Stamps with Holes/Design Perforations/Cut Outs

Liechtenstein 2015 International Year of Light Stamp with holes and Glow in Dark under UV


Holes seen at the Back of stamp

Issue date 01 March 2015

The special stamp “Play of Light” (value: CHF 1.90) issued by Liechtenstein Post, permits the observer to conduct three experiments relating to the International Year of Light: commemorating 1000 years ago it was proven for the first time that light sources emit light rays, exactly 200 years ago the wave character of light was discovered and the quantum theory of light is 110 years old.  

The background of the stamp glows in the dark owing to its fluorescent colour. It turns into a source of light if it was exposed to sunlight beforehand. 

The wave theory can be observed if the stamp is held up to a source of light. The micro-perforations in the paper become easily visible as the light waves are diffracted through the small openings. 

For the experiment on quantum theory, the light pink colour behind the ball was printed with a special colour. When irradiated with UV light, the colour turns from pink to violet.

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