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Stamps with Hidden image - Update

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USA  1998 Bright Eyes Pets - Stamps with Hidden Image

Issue date 20 August 1998 

For centuries, people have domesticated animals for a variety of different reasons.  These pets provide both physical and emotional benefits.  Known as "man's best friend," the dog was the first domesticated animal.  The goldfish was the first fish kept as a pet.  A member of the carp family, they were first kept in people's home in China thousands of years ago.  There are more than 500 million domestic cats worldwide, but are most common in the United States and Europe.  Due to its high intelligence level, the parakeet makes a great pet. Although they are not as popular a pet as the dog and cat, the parakeet can be very affectionate.  Hamsters have been a popular pet since the late 1930's.  The tiny rodent is extremely fast and hard to catch, which is why they are generally kept in a cage.

USPS has issued sheet of 20 stamps of 32 cents each with 5 different stamps featuring a Dog, Fish, Cat, Parakeet and a Hamster. These stamps have a hidden image which can only be seen with a special Decoder lens issued by US Postal service in an earlier issue.

Bright Eyes Dog, Hidden Image: Dog bone and dog house

Bright Eyes Fish, Hidden Image: 8 Bubbles

Bright Eyes Cat, Hidden Image: Paw print and mouse

Bright Eyes Parakeet, Hidden Image: Bird cage

Bright Eyes Hamster, Hidden Image:  Exercise wheel 

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