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Unusual Postal Souvenirs - Update

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Happy Easter to all my Catholic friends..

Italy 2015 Turin Shroud Blister pack with Linen Replica

Issue date 22 April 2015

Italian Post has issued a blister pack featuring the miniature linen replica of the Turin Holy Shroud displayed during the Exposition of the Holy Shroud in Turin Italy during the period 19 April 2015 till 25 May 2015. The blister pack also featured the Italy Ostension (Presentation) of the Holy Shroud stamp which was issued in March 22, 2010. The linen canvas is placed in a box that allows you to see both sides displaying the Holy Shroud and on the back of the blister pack there is  a brief history on the relic with a reproduction of the Turin Cathedral.

The Shroud of Turin or Turin Shroud (Italian: Sindone di Torino, Sacra Sindone or Santa Sindone) is a length of linen cloth bearing the image of a man that is believed by some Christians to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth.

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