Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Stamps with Vinyl Disc Form - Update

Category - Touch
Sub-Category - Stamps with Vinyl Disc Form

Paraguay 1989 Luis Del Parana GALOPERA
Gramaphone music record affixed on Miniature Sheet 

Issue date 25 May 1989

The 1989 Paraguay Miniature sheet has a transparent gramophone record attached to the front of the miniature sheet featuring a song of Luis Alberto del Paraná of the music group Los Paraguayos.

Los Paraguayos, a music group consisting of musicians from Paraguay. Since its foundation in the 1950s, the group has featured many singers and musicians, playing guitars, bongo drums and a Paraguayan harp, including Luis Alberto del Paraná, Reynaldo Meza, Angel "Pato" Garcia and Carlos Espinoza. The group performs many South American and Mexican tunes and songs, including classics, such as Guantanamera, El Cóndor Pasa and La Bamba.

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