Monday, 18 July 2016

Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets - Update

Category - Sight / Touch
Subcategory - Multi-Sensory Stamps Sets / 3D Motion Stamps / 3D Holographic Stamps / 3D Anaglyph Stamps / Thermochromic Stamps

Spain 2016 Dinosaurs Multi-sensory Stamps set

Issue date 30 June 2016

Correos Spain has issued another set of 4 stamps featuring Dinosaurs - The Europelta, The Pelecanimimus, The Proa and The Turiasaurus.

The Europelta dinosaur stamp is printed with the lenticular technique, the Pelecaniminus dinosaur stamp has images which has been printed with holographic ink, Proa dinosaur stamp has been printed with 3D Anaglyph technique which can be viewed with a special glass with Red and Blue lens and theTuriasaurus dinosaur stamp has a meteorite shower which has been printed with thermochromic ink that changes color when subjected to temperature changes.

Pelecanimimus whose image has been printed with holographic ink

Turiasaurus, meteor shower printed with thermochromic ink 
that changes color when subjected to temperature changes.
Cool Temperature

Warm Temperature

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