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Metal Foil Stamps

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Spain 2016 School Civic Values - Against Bullying   

Issue date 02 February 2016

Intolerance to the school bullying or harassment is the theme chosen for the issuance of Civic Values ​​School series by Spain Postal Authorities. The stamp depicts a human, printed on silhouette mirror paper, with the motto: "You can prevent bullying, do not allow bullying " , it is inviting you to be participant in this struggle against bullying at school.

Bullying exists and is not a problem that can be ignored. Moral value ​​education is essential to avoid future aggressive behavior. Parents should set limits and rules and teach children to respect and value peers.

One of the most important tools between parents and children and teachers and students, is communication. Communication help detect facts and attitudes that lead to episodes of harassment and abuse. Many cases are resolved talking about it, showing that you should not tolerate any violence.

Communication is also essential in the case of the victim who normally silent after bullying/harassment at school. Therefore, we must talk with the children and observe changes in their attitude to understand what is happening.

But above all, it is essential to support those who suffer harassment of any kind and never minimize the problem. This is a scourge shaking classrooms worldwide. 

The new technologies provide numerous channels, such as the Internet and social networks, to prevent such incidence. 

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