Thursday 13 December 2018

Stamps made of Rubber

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Spain 2018 200th Anniversary of the birth of Cosme García Sáez

Issue date 28 September 2018 

In a worlds first production of rubber stamp, Correos Spain has issued a rubber stamp commemorating 200th Anniversary of the birth of Cosme García Sáez.

Cosme García Sáez was born in Logroño on 27 September 1818, to a humble family. Self-taught and with an inquiring mind, from an early age he showed great talent for mechanics and technical subjects, which years later would lead to the creation of inventions relating to weapons, printing, mail, and sailing.

Rubber is used instead of paper for the stamp, and the design is in relief: with the silhouette of Cosme García, a sketch of the submersible under the sea, the text and the imprint of the 1857 dater, which stands out at the right side of the effect.

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