Thursday 20 December 2018

Postcard Fold Souvenir Sheets - Update

Category - Touch / Sight
Subcategory - Postcard Fold Souvenir Sheets

Spain 2018 World heritage site of Cuenca

Issue date 28 September 2018 

To commemorate the World Heritage site of Cuenca, Correos Spain has issued a special fold-out miniature sheet featuring the houses of Cuenca characterized by their narrow shape, and their colorful design with the white door and window frames, known as blincada.
The mini sheet has a pullout feature with folds.

In the early period, the streets were not well lit, and so the people painted a white circle around their doors and windows to be able to see in the dark whether someone was entering or leaving during the night, “standing out” against the colours. Hence the term Blincada from the verb “blincar” (to stand out).

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