Friday, 21 December 2018

Unusual Postal Stationery - Update

Category - Hear
Subcategory - Unusual Covers, Envelopes, Folders and Postcards 

Belgium 2018 Tomorrowland LP Postcard 

Issue date 11 June 2018

Tomorrowland is an electronic dance music festival held in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland was first held in 2005 and has since become one of the world's largest and most notable music festivals.

BPost and Tomorrowland has collaborated to issue a special Postcard and Stamp set - which contains a sheet of five postage stamps, together with five musical postcards. 

The Postcard can be played like a vinyl record or just hold your smartphone against the card and surf to, where you can also listen to the Symphony of Unity performed by Universal Nation.

The postage stamp displays the Tomorrowland icon and is printed with a rosé golden effect and the slogan “Live today, Love tomorrow, Unite forever” is included on the sheet. Stamps can only be used in Belgium.

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