Sunday 12 December 2021

Extra Large Size Stamps - Update

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Philippines 2021 Murillo Velarde 1734 Map

Issue date 16 March 2021

PHL Post to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Philippines and the first circumnavigation of the world by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan has issued a special Souvenir sheet with 13 Stamps titled the Murillo Velarde 1734 Map named after the Spanish Jesuit friar Pedro Murillo Velarde who vividly described the detailed territory of Philippine nearly 300 years ago.

The Murillo Velarde 1734 Map shows the entire Philippine archipelago. It is flanked by two pasted-on side-panels with 12 engravings—intricate illustrations of the early Filipino people and their way of life during the 18th century.

The large stamp with the map measures 100 mm X 180 mm and the Souvenir size is 200mm X 220mm

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