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Stamps with Decal Printing (Temporary Tattoo)

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Decal derives from the French word décalcomanie, which consists of an image that, through the application of water or heat, is transferred from the original support to another surface where it remains attached. The decals are distributed on a paper or cardboard support, which must be removed once it has been moistened. The colorful images that form them are treated with turpentine, a material that makes it possible to stick them.

Decalcomania was invented in England around 1750 and imported into the United States since at least 1865. Its invention has been attributed to Simon François Ravenet, an engraver from France who later moved to England and perfected the process, which he called "décalquer." (derived from the French papier de calque, "tracing paper"). In the 30s of the 20th century, the surrealist current applied it to several of his works.

Spain 2021 - From tracing to tattoo stamp with Decal Printing (Temporary Tattoo)

Issue date 20 Sep 2021

Correos Spain has issued a special stamp with decal printing which reproduces a water-based decal allowing the image to be applied on any support. Image is printed upside down, foreground colors first, on suitable paper. Soaked in water, the paper softens, the image is applied to the chosen support by gently rubbing, and the paper is removed - the image appears on the support.

The Decal printing enhances the art of decorating the skin akin to applying Tattoo though with less permanency.  

One can apply the decal on the stamp to a skin area and moisten with water to transfer the decal onto the skin like a tattoo. (Temporary Tattoo)

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