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Zero Cent Stamp

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Netherlands 1998 Zero Cent Stamp

Issue date January 1998

Netherlands Post has issued the first Zero Cent Stamp which allowed people to use the stamp on a particular day i.e. the stamp was valid for only one day 29 June 1998. 

In January of 1998, the Dutch PTT distributed their new price list brochure to every household in the Netherlands. On the inside, a sheet with a 0 cent stamp was glued to the back of the price list. It will be valid for one day only 29 June 1998 : when the Dutch PTT Post will be listed at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange for the first time, and the 0 cent stamp could be used as a 80 cent stamp.

The text that accompanied the stamp was: "This stamp is worth 80 cents on the day PTT Post goes to the stock exchange. This little jewel can than be used as a stamp for letters and cards up to 20 grams with a destination within the Netherlands."

Stamps on covers with a recognizable date stamp 29-6-1998, are considered as real used. Many people threw away the brochures. 

So a First day cover cancelled on 29 June 1998 would be the only Last Day Cover on record (The above cover is in my possession )

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