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Flavoured Stamps - Update

Category - Taste
Subcategory - Stamps with flavoured Gum /Odd Shaped Stamps

Spain 2014 Spanish Gastronomy MS with stamps featuring a flavored Gum with essence of Mandarin flower and the Almond flavor.

 Orange flavored gum

Almond flavored gum

Issue date 24 April 2014

At the National Stamp Fair in Madrid which took place from 24th to 27th April at the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Correos dedicated the issue of 2 miniature sheet to Spanish Gastronomy in collaboration with Spanish Chef  Ferran Adrià. The stamps incorporate a scent and taste of mandarin/tangerine flower and Almond on the gum.

In addition to this curious stamp collection, the Spanish Post Office has also launched a book entitled, “Gastronomía con sello propio”, featuring photographs and illustrations of Spanish gastronomy – in addition to other content, as well as recipes from some of  Spain’s best chefs, including: Juan Mari and Elena Arzak, Pedro Subijana, Martín Berasategui, Joan Roca, Sergi Arola, Toño Pérez, Quique Dacosta, Eneko Atxa, David Muñoz and Ferran Adrià.

The souvenir sheet which represents the traditional and innovative Spanish cuisine includes two round stamps, which appear on a background on which there is a kitchen, and on the foreground, the cook Ferran Adrià, who is regarded as the best cook in the world. One of the stamps is dedicated to a traditional Spanish recipe, the 'ajoblanco', while the other to a creation of the restaurant El Bulli clalled “350/ ajoblanco 1996”. In this case, its taste and smell recreate that of the almond, its main ingredient.

The souvenir sheet about the innovative and traditional Spanish products sets a contrast between a traditional Iberian ham dish and an innovative tangerine flower and its fruit. In this case, the stamp’s gum has a tangerine’s taste and smell.

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