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Transparent Stamps - Update

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Belgium 2014 International Year of Crystallography - Souvenir Sheet with Transparent Stamp (Slovenia Joint Issue)

Issue date 09 June 2014

Crystallography is the study of the various structures of crystals. The year 2014  is being celebrated by UN as the International Year of Crystallography. 

The Belgian post BPost, on the occasion of the International Year of Crystallography, issued on 9 June 2014,  two postage stamps and a leaflet entitled 'Les cristaux mis en lumière' (crystals in the limelight). 

These stamps have been printed on a semi-transparent adhesive base, to remind us of the clarity of many crystals. 

The Souvenir Sheet illustrates the principle of diffraction. The two stamps show in detail the arrangement of water molecules in two variants of an ice crystal.

A similar souvenir sheet has been issued by Slovenia though without the transparent element.

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