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Unusual Postal Stationery - Update

Category - Sight
Subcategory - Unusual Covers, Envelopes, Folders and Postcards

Italy 2001 Italian Silk Industry Silk Envelope

(Pictorial Representation)

Actual Scan

Back Scan

Issue date 29 November 2001

The silk envelop features the following inside a gold frame set against a pinky beige background:
- at the top right a square containing the frank impression featuring a silk motif with the word "ITALIA" and the denominations "5000" and "€2,58";
- at the bottom right a space covered with a special pigment for the recipient and sender’s addresses;
- on the left the Poste Italiane logo and painting by "B. LONGONI (1876-1956)" called "COMO DALL’ALTO" (COMO-AN AERIAL VIEW) with the words "COMO CITTÂ SETA" (COMO SILK CITY).

The reverse of the silk envelope features a bi-adhesive film with transparent plastic backing, which can be removed by lifting at the corners, for letter franking; information regarding use of the envelope is printed on the plastic backing.

The envelope is formed of two pieces of loom produced pure silk joined together using a special adhesive; it can be opened on the right side by pulling apart the two pieces of silk that have been pre-treated with a special resealable adhesive. The front is made of a piece of double face satin silk organza with chain and weave on flat loom, dyed white and screen printed manually.While the back is made of shot polychrome silk with an arabesque pattern, warp and weft dyed on Jacquard loom, with a small label "PURE SILK MADE IN ITALY".

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