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Stamps with Seeds - Update

Category - Touch
Subcategory - Stamp with materials affixed - seed

France 2011 - Seeds of France with seeds     

Issue date 26 February 2011

Issued on the occasion of the "Stamp Day" dedicated to the Earth, this includes 10 stamps collector and real 5 seeds to sow! 

The self-adhesive “Seeds of France” set of ten stamps is printed on 100 percent FSC recycled paper. Five of the stamps even come with the corresponding seeds for planting.

Seeds of Lavander, Anthemis Tinctoria, Coquelicot, Basil and Arbre a Papillons  are featured on the Miniature Sheet issued by the French Post to commerate the flowers of Summer. 

The Miniature sheet features the real seeds of the above flowers.  5 of 10 stamps contain real plant seeds to sow.

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