Monday 26 October 2020

Scented Stamps - Update

Category - Smell/Sight 
Subcategory - Scented Stamps / Odd shaped Minature sheets / Augmented Reality (AR)

Spain 2020 Gastronomy in 
Extremadura. Caldereta de Cordero

Issue date 08 July 2020

As part of the stamp series Spain Gastronomy in 19 Dishes,  Extremadura is the first stop, to showcase one of its most iconic dishes: Caldereta de Cordero.

The stamp features one of these typical recipes, the caldereta de cordero (Lamb stew).

 Caldereta de cordero is made from small pieces of lamb seasoned with salt, olive oil, wine, water, garlic, onion, pepper and laurel. It is traditionally cooked in an iron pot over the fire.

The mini sheet framing this stamp shows the image of one of the chefs from Extremadura who best combines modern cuisine with the philosophy of traditional gastronomy from Extremadura, Javier Garcia (featured in the AR video below). In fact, it is his version of Caldereta de Cordero that is featured in this issue.

The image is completed by an image of a meadow in Extremadura: the augmented reality that depicts the  preparation of this dish  and the smell of lamb given off by the stamp paper,  as if this exquisite dish was sitting right in front of us. (Personal opinion - I did not get the smell of lamb from the mini sheets unless my smell cells are not working properly due to the autumn weather)

The Augmented Reality video can be accessed through the RA app issued by Correos Spain to view the video specifically. (I find over time due to memory constraint most AR videos are not operational over time. To preserve this I have attempted to try and save the video for future reference). Look for the "Sellos RA Correos" app in Google Play store and the Apple Store.

Augmented Reality Video

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