Thursday 22 October 2020

Wood and Wood Paper Stamps - Update

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Spain 2020 Discoverers of Oceania - Miguel López de Legazpi

Issue date 22 June 2020

The stamp dedicated to the great explorer Miguel López de Legazpi is printed on wood-based paper and contains an illustration of Miguel López de Legazpi along with another of the islands he conquered.

The expedition that left his name carved into the history books set sail from Puerto de Navidad on 21 November 1564, with Legazpi as captain-general and with secret instructions to change course for the San Lázaro islands. In January they made out the Ladronas islands (Marianas) and took possession of the largest one, Guam. They renamed Leyte as the Philippines in honour of the future king, Philip II, and Mindao island as Césarea Karoli.

They were received by chief Camatuhan and his son, regulator of Samar island, and carried out diplomatic work which gave rise to the foundation by Legazpi, on 8 April 1565, of San Miguel island.

In Cebú, they found the famous image of the Boy Jesus which must have come from a previous expedition.

Subsequently, in 1570, Legazpi entered the town of Manila, which the natives called Maynilad, a prosperous, commercial, Muslim enclave in the south of Luzón island.

After numerous clashes and conflicts, Rajah Matanda handed Maynilad over to López de Legazpi.

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