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3D Anaglyph Stamps - Update

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Grenada 2003 Anatoly Karpov Chess Champion Anaglyph Stamp MS

Issue date 2003

Grenada Post to commemorate the first live 3D internet coverage championship TVD First e-world Chess Championship between two legendary world champions Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov battle it out in 3D. The rapid chess games was played in the ABC Studios in Time Square, New York on December 19 and 20, 2002.

By donning special electronic LCD viewing glasses for $99 you were able to watch the first ever Internet broadcast of a chess match in 3D when transmitted to a computer with specific configuration.

How the 3D broadcast worked: the Computer monitor alternately displays complete left-eye and right-eye images, each time the monitor refreshes. The special 3D glasses have high-speed electronic shutters (made with Liquid Crystal material), which open and close at the same refresh rate as the monitor, in sync with the page flipped images. When the left image is on the screen, the left shutter is open and the right shutter is closed, so that the image is viewed only by your left eye. When the right image is on the screen, the right shutter is open and the left shutter is closed, so that the image is viewed only by your right eye. This happens so quickly that the brain perceives 3D depth as though Karpov and Kasparov were floating in space inside and in front of the screen.

The 3D stamps issued by Grenada Post felicitating the winner of the above championship - Anatoly Karpov with a special 3D Anaglyph Stamp miniature sheet which can be viewed using the Red and Blue Anaglyph glasses.

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