Tuesday 6 February 2018

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Australia Christmas Island 2018 Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog 2018 Silk Stamp Miniature Sheet

Issue date 8 January 2018

To commemorate the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dog, as in the previous year,s the Christmas Island Year of the Dog 2018 silk mini sheet folder pack contains three different version of the mini sheet from the stamp issue.

1) Traditional offset-printed mini sheet, gummed and perforated
2) Digital printed on real silk, gummed and perforated mini sheet

3) Digital printed on silk-like rayon paper, self-adhesive with mesh perforated mini sheet.

The Dog is the 11th sign in the 12-sign Chinese zodiac cycle. Those born under the Dog sign are known to be independent, sincere, courageous and intelligent, as well as friendly and loving. 

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